My own category picks after all these examinations are as follows:

1. Delco UPF 52
2. PureOne, Bosch Premium, and Donaldson
3. Purolator Classic, Mobil 1 Ext Perf. and K&N, Mann, Fram Extended Guard
4. Wix/NAPA Gold and Wix built Delco Duraguard PF53, Mahle
5. Ecore style AC/Delco, Supetech, STP, and Fram Extraguard
6. Denso, Honda, Hamp

1. Mobil 1 and K&N
2. Wix/NAPA Gold, Fram Extended Guard, Mann, Mahle
3. Purolator, Bosch Premium and PureOne
4. Denso, Honda, Hamp
5. Ecore style AC/Delco, Supetech, STP
6. Fram Extraguard

Easy oil flow:
1. Denso, Honda, Hamp
2. Mann, Mahle, Purolator Classic, Proline, Fram Extraguard, Fram Toughguard
3. Mobil 1, K&N, Wix/NAPA Gold,
4. PureOne, and Bosch Premium
5. Ecore style AC/Delco, Supetech, STP
6. Delco UPF52 , Fram Extended Guard

Not all test were done on all filters as you can see.

Any of these sample filters tested will filter your oil and should do the job. If you want maximum flow with absolute minimum pressure drop from the filter, you may decide to choose from very low restriction filters.

I hope by putting up these pictures and descriptions, you have a better idea of the variations in different aspects of performance, as far as they show up in these simple media tests.

Another Conclusion...that this was a messy, time consuming job!

This is only a fraction of it...